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The minimalism movement has taken the world by storm. Some may think it’s about owning less than 50 items, having hardly any furniture in your home, and rotating between 2 sets of outfits… but we see it as a tool to assist you in finding freedom.

Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm.

It’s freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’re all too familiar with. It’s assigning less meaning to ‘things’, and more meaning to our health, relationships, passions, and personal growth.

That’s not to say you should do away with material possessions. Minimalism simply lets you make these decisions more consciously, deliberately and purposefully. It can filter out what’s not important so you can live in the moment instead. And what better way to “live in the moment” than to see the world through your travels?

That’s right. The minimalist movement extends to traveling too.

You may think the minimalism mindset is about saying no when you want to say yes. Think of it as the opposite – you’re saying no to things you don’t want, and yes to things you do. Instead of weekend shopping sprees and obligatory after-work drinks, you’re opting for passport stamps, different cultures, exotic food, and new friendships.

The mindset surrounding minimalist travel is about choosing to value the experience and freedoms of travel, over the stress of lugging your entire life around in a suitcase and worrying about its contents. It’s being able to let go of the stuff that weighs you down and get a true sense of feeling the moment. The now.

You could call this being a “light traveler”, in every sense of the term. The light traveler:

  • Embraces minimalist travel by bringing only what need and nothing more
  • Only travels with a 7kg limit carry-on
  • Is not weighed down, or slowed down by material possessions
  • Focuses on experiences, not stuff
  • Is mindful of the environmental impact of traveling
  • Actively offsets travel CO2

Whether you’re actively practising minimalism in your life and you’re extending it to your travels, or you simply want to feel less stressed when you’re on a trip, travelling lighter has more benefits than you would think.

Are you ready to live and let go?