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Have you ever heard the term “one-bagging” and wondered what it’s all about?

Put simply: “one-bagging” is sort of considered the holy grail of minimalism. There’s minimalism, and then there’s one-bagging. It’s the concept of streamlining your life into a single bag. Everything you possibly need to survive… strapped to your shoulders. While it’s really hard to adopt on a permanent basis (and kudos to anyone who has done it), one-bagging the perfect concept to embrace so you can travel flexibly.

The idea is to pack light so that everything can be carried on your persons in a single bag that meets international size and weight requirements, whether you’re gone for a weekend or even a month!

So… Why travel light?

Traveling is a chance to acquire new life skills, and learning to lighten your load is likely going to give you a much more enjoyable, productive, stress-free travel experience.

Here are the main benefits:

1. It’s Economical

Airlines can bring in nearly $5 billion in baggage fees. You don’t need to contribute to a cent of that if you only pack a carry-on. It’s not just the airlines you’re avoiding. You’re also dodging extra fees for porters and luggage storage. You’re also able to take public transportation rather than costly shuttles and taxis. You can even walk, and experience interaction with locals as a result of this alternative route.

2. It’s Secure

Oh, the woes of lost luggage. Millions of bags go missing every year, and the last thing you want to do is lose it at the baggage carousel. Avoid having to hand your belongings over to the care of others, and the likelihood of theft, damage or misrouting. Peace of mind is priceless here.

3. It’s Mobile

Less stuff means more mobility and more options. Breeze in and out of the airport and elude the long lines of baggage carousels and customs inspection queues. You can cope better when there’s a delay or missed connection, or seize unexpected opportunities without having to be strapped to your luggage. You can switch to other flights when there’s a spot available, or even sell your airplane seat by volunteering to be bumped on full lights. You can afford to be more spontaneous.

4. It’s for your Wellbeing

Traveling light reduces stress because it’s simply a hassle-free way to get around. You have more time because packing takes very little of it. You exert less energy hauling stuff around (which is better for your back too). You don’t worry about your possessions because you know exactly what you have, where everything is, and that it’s enough. No more losing track of something or leaving anything behind. Foreign travel can be challenging because it’s unfamiliar and unpredictable, but the one-bag traveller has a considered, curated bag of essentials that sets the foundation for everything they possibly need.

5. It’s Eco

The first four points are all about the short-term benefits one-bagging brings to you. But traveling light also yields long-term benefits to the planet. It means…

  • Less stuff to manufacture
  • Less waste
  • Less use of vehicles to move your belongings around
  • Less fuel for those vehicles that move you
  • Less greenhouse gas production
  • Less damage to our earth.

It’s not often that the most convenient option to travel is also the most environmentally responsible. Now that we have unpacked all the reasons why we should embrace one-bag traveling… are you inspired to try out this concept on your next travels?