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We’re serious about lightweight travel here at Below7. We’ve spent years perfecting travelling with just one-bag, and we’ve made some great discoveries along the way. When it comes to staying below the 7kgs carry-on limit, every gram we save counts.

We’ve got 5 tricks up our sleeves… here’s 5 great gadgets you should take in your travel bag:

1. Phone

Let’s start with the obvious. Where are we without our smartphones? These days, you can pretty much run your entire life from your phone. And travelling is no different. From booking last minute accommodation, navigating foreign lands and taking happy snaps in scenic locations, your phone is a must. Heck, you can even pay for things with your smartphone. If you really want to slim down your travel “stuff”, we recommend saving all your travel itineraries, hotel bookings and important documents onto your phone so you can go paperless.

2. Luggage Scales

Unless you’ve mastered the art of weighing your luggage through the muscle memory in your arms, chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find a scale in your hostel or hotel room. Avoid unexpected excess baggage fees by packing a lightweight luggage scale. When you’ve finished packing, simply hook your luggage onto the scales, lift it up and cross your fingers. We’re hoping your gear totals below 7kgs 😉

3. Power Bank

Charging your devices through a power bank means no wasted time spent at a public charging port, no risk of data theft and no lost possessions. Pack a lightweight power bank and get into the habit of charging it overnight so you’ll always have a couple of extra charges on the go.

4. Torch

Whether you’re roaming off the beaten track, camping in remote areas or find yourself out at night in an unfamiliar place, a torch can be an invaluable travel tool. Find a lightweight one that comes with a head strap so you can go hands free. Make sure you get one that charges with a USB-C cable. No one wants to pack spare batteries.

5. Electric Shaver

This one’s for the guys. Staying groomed while travelling light can be tricky. Safety razors are great for the environment but the blades aren’t allowed as carry-on, and disposable razors are allowed as carry-on but can’t be recycled – not so good for the environment. The answer lies within an electric shaver. Find a small, lightweight one that charges via USB-C. No need for travel adaptors or different wall sockets or even worse, battery replacements.