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In July of 2019 we travelled to Shenzhen, China to visit the factory that makes the Below7 Luggage Scale. A full account of the visit can be found on an earlier post. During the time we spent at the factory we had the chance to meet Mrs Tang. Mrs Tang works as a supervisor on the factory assembly line and we took the chance to ask her a few questions about her life and her job. We also wanted to give her some idea of how the products that she’s making actually get used. The concepts of lightweight travel and backpacking may seem obvious to us, but for a factory worker in China it’s a totally unfamiliar concept.

Here’s what Mrs Tang had to say and a few photos of the factory.

Jenny:   Hi how are you?
Tang:    I'm good thanks
Jenny:   Can I ask your name?
Tang:    My surname is Tang, you can call me Ms Tang
Jenny:   Ok Ms Tang. Nice to meet you. And, where are you from?
Tang:    I am from a small village in Hunan province.
Jenny:   Oh that's nice. Hunan is not that far away from here.
Tang:    Yes, it's close.
Jenny:   Let me introduce our company, Below7. We are a company based in Australia which is focused on the ultralight travel products. And I want to ask you few questions about your work, are you ok with that?
Tang:    Okay.
Jenny:   How long time have you been working here?
Tang:    I have been working here for 5 years.
Jenny:   How is your daily work here?
Tang:    Well, basically I am supervising the producing line. But sometimes I will do the work in line if somebody off or while there are some urgent work that requires my help.
Jenny:   Oh, got it. Since you have been working here for 5 years and what do you think you have gained by working in this company?
Tang:    I think it was a very decision to work here. I also think this is a good company. 5 years ago, when I joined the company as a regular worker I worked very hard. After one year I had a promotion to management. During these years here I learnt a lot. I've learnt how to communicate better with people, learnt management skills and how to lead a team to do the great job. This means a lot and is very important to me.
Jenny:   Sounds great! Do you have any future goal or plans?
Tang:    To be honest my goals are very simple. I just want to continue to do my good job, earn some money and enjoy the simple life with my family.
Jenny:   I'm sure that you do did a great job already. And what do you think about the conditions in the factory. Has it been good or not?
Tang:    I think we do have a very good conditions in this company. We have lots of chances to get promoted. As I told you before, at the beginning I just a regular worker and now I am one of the managers. I am very proud of this.
Jenny:   We are interested in purchasing the Luggage Scales that you make. What do you think about you product that you are producing?
Tang:    I think our product is of a very good quality and I am very confident in it!
Jenny:   We are going to sell these products to Australia and New Zealand. Do you have anything you want to say to the consumers that they might be use your product in the future?
Tang:    Well, I just want to say, "Enjoy your life and travel as much as your can!"
Jenny:   Thanks Ms Tang. We wish you a very good life and all the best!