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One-bag travellers are constantly trying to find life hacks to make their journey a little easier. Whether that’s tracking down the best lightweight version of a sleeping bag, to learning new methods of clothes folding to maximize space, you can bet we’re always trying to make our bag all the more slim – ideally under 7kgs.

If you’re the kind of traveler that carries various tech gadgets with you (think laptop, mobile phone, electric shaver, a torch etc) – you may want to consider de-tangling all the different cords and cables in your luggage, leaving them at home for good, and switch to only packing USB-chargeable devices for when you’re on the go.

If the benefit of not spending 20 minutes separating all your tangled chargers hasn’t convinced you already, here’s 5 more reasons why you should only travel with USB chargeable devices.

1. It’s universal

No more forgetting to pack that specific charger for your shaver, or bringing multiple adaptors when you’re travelling to multiple countries. You just need one universal USB charger and you can hook up your various devices to the one charging station.

2. No more fighting for wall sockets

Particularly when you’re staying in hostels, the scarcity of shared wall sockets could be a frustrating situation when you really need to charge your phone or laptop to pull up important travel information. If you only travel with USB chargeable devices, you don’t have to take up lots of plugs for wall sockets. You just charge 1 USB portable charger in the wall socket, then charge all your other gadgets via the USB portable charger. Easy!

3. It’s lighter

This one is obvious – if you don’t need to carry specific chargers and adaptors for your various tech gadgets, it’s going to free up your luggage space, making room for more important items to carry, or for a more comfortable transit when you lug your 7kgs around on your back.

4. It’s one less thing to stress about

If you’re about to embark on an overseas trip, chances are you’re probably worried you’re going to forget an adaptor or charger and be forced to find one abroad. Depending on where in the world you are, this could make for a stressful shopping trip and eat into the time you’d otherwise be spending exploring and sightseeing. Avoid this altogether by only packing USB chargeable devices. All you need then is a USB charger or portable charger, and away you go.

5. Focus on travel, not your gadgets

This kind of thinking ties in with the minimalist way of life. Why pack several charging devices when you can choose USB chargeable devices instead, and charge everything through one place? Take only what you need, and spend the rest of your energy enjoying your travel experience.

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Cover photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash