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When you’re travelling on-the-go in the age of being ‘tethered to our technology’, you need to be sure that you’ve got your devices charged for a day of adventure. However, if your phone battery is low and you desperately need it to navigate around town, it can be tempting to charge your device through a USB port or outlet in an airport or a restaurant. But this could be a bad idea. Here’s why.

Charging your devices in a public space could be dangerous. The relief of getting some juice back into your phone could be quickly shattered by an invisible attacker collecting information while your phone is plugged into a hacked outlet. Just by plugging your phone into a power strip or charger; your device is at risk of being infected, compromising all your data. This is called juice-jacking and it’s a little known security rick.

Public charging stations have unknown risks, and even a public cord that you use to charge your phone can be used to send data from your phone a hacker. If a port is compromised, there’s no limit to what information a hacker could take.

Here’s another problem. Charging your tech devices in public spaces means your possessions are going to be out in the open. When you’re in a foreign country, often you’re distracted and think about 10 different things at once, so there’s no guarantees your personal belongings will be kept safe. It’s always best to charge your devices in private, but what if you’re stuck in a pickle?

We have a solution.

Instead of charging your device directly into a public port, invest in a portable USB Power Bank. The USB cord that comes with the Power Bank is specifically meant for charging, and can’t be used to transfer your phone’s data. By relying on your own personal charger, you’re creating a safeguard to your private information.

If you’re caught out in public with a device that needs a recharge ASAP, we recommend charging your USB battery pack or power bank first in the public port, then using the battery pack to charge your other devices more securely. Better yet, get on the front foot and charge your battery pack the night before so you have a few charges stored in your pack. This way you can charge your device while you’re on the go, saving you the time it takes sitting around at a public charging station, and more time to explore!

We’ve gone one step further at Below7. Our luggage scale has two extra functions. You can weigh your luggage before you head to the airport, use the torch when you need an extra light source, and charge your devices with the built-in USB-C charging port! 

Below7 Luggage Scale
The Below7 Luggage Scale (and Powerbank)