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Is travelling with one cable finally possible? It looks like one-bag travellers may be in luck.

The trusty USB – the workhorse port used in everything from phones to cars – is about to get even more useful. We’re talking about USB-C, potentially the holy grail of device connectors.

USB-C launch over 5 years ago, and it has recently started to appear on laptops, desktops, smartphones and more. It’s got plenty going for it – from being reversible (so you don’t have to flip the connector around three times to get the correct orientation), to being a single USB connector shape that all devices should adopt (so you don’t have to keep different USB cables with different connector shapes for your various devices). Compared to older USB standards, USB-C has an output at up to 100W, which means it can pretty much power a laptop.

When it comes to light weight travelling, we’re all for compact convenience. If we can charge all our gadgets through USB-C, you can bet we’ll be making the switch to USB-chargeable devices to avoid packing multiple chargers and adaptors. Here’s 5 more reasons you should choose USB-chargeable gadgets for your travel pack.

So… Is USB-C finally becoming the standard? Are we saying goodbye to lightning cables, USB-A and USB-B? Only time will tell.

For now, it seems USB-C is the emerging standard for charging tech gadgets. It’s already included in devices like laptops, phones and tablets, and it’s even spreading to travel gear – case in point, Below7’s USB-chargeable electric shaver and torch.

One thing is not in doubt: USB-C is here to stay. While older ports will persist for years, we think eventually the USB-C’s smaller size and greater abilities will emerge as the winner.

The question is… will you make the switch?

The Below7 Torch and Shaver are both USB-C compatible