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Lightweight travelers are often away from power outlets for extended periods of time and hence rely on power banks to keep our phones and gadgets charged. A little known hack to maximise the efficiency of your power bank is to use a short, good quality cable. All cables have a degree of electrical resistance that reduces the voltage reaching the device that is being charged. The longer the cable, the more resistance and the less charge that reaches the device. This can make a massive difference. A short 15cm cable can increase the charging capacity of your power bank by 50%, compared to a cable that is 6-foot long. What happens to that missing 50% charge? It’s simply lost as heat as it travels along the cable. Note, this rule applies to charging with a power banks and not wall sockets, which use a different current.

So, when you’re charging with a power bank such as the Below7 Luggage Scales use a short cable (15cm is ideal). It’ll give you more juice and also reduce clutter in your bags.