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The global pandemic emergency has obviously canceled travel plans for people worldwide. It has also stranded many overseas backpackers in Australia and New Zealand who are now facing an uncertain 2020 without work, or a place to stay or family support. We’ve spoken to several backpacker customers in this situation who’ve been forced out of the cities and into the country to look for work. Many will be staying in camping grounds, hostels or farm-stays.

To help backpackers facing uncertain times we’re selling our sleeping gear at a 25% discount and with free shipping. Simply enter the coupon code “backpacker” on checkout. This applies to the Sleeping Bag, Pillow and Sleeping Mat. We’ve also created a Lightweight Sleeping Kit and are selling all three products at a discounted bundle price. The coupon can be used on this kit.

Stay safe over the next few months.

Credit to  @danielyungphotog for the above photo of a very deserted Melbourne.