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I’m writing this at the end of April and all the signs are that Australia is well on the way to controlling Coronavirus. There’s a lot of itchy feet out there and while international travel, except perhaps New Zealand, is certainly off the cards until 2021 it’s shaping up to be a brilliant chance to travel domestically. Why so brilliant? It’s a once in a lifetime chance to have the country to ourselves. Queensland’s beaches will be quieter. There’ll be less selfie sticks outside the Opera House. Museums won’t have the queues. Popular roads will be less cluttered with Campervans and there should be more space to pitch a tent in the popular camping grounds.

There’s also an altruistic angle to domestic travel this year. Staying in our own country will help local tourist operators survive 2020. Particularly those in bushfire affected regions. We have a civic duty to get out and fill the gap left by overseas tourist.

It’s also a chance to explore the great outdoors. We’re all still going to need to be careful of avoiding crowds and what better way to do that then by hiking, cycling or driving through our amazing natural landscape. This makes lightweight travel just as relevant for domestic travel. There’s simply no reason to take the kitchen sink with you on a trip inside Australia. Try minimalist travel. Explore the countryside, buy locally and connect with the people in communities that you pass through. After a few months of imposed isolation lets all take this chance to rediscover Australia.