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About Below7

The Back Story

In the early morning of May 6, 2019 I was 9 months into a self imposed break from a 25 year IT career and I woke up in a cold sweat. I’d spent the last 9 months doing the sorts of things that just wasn’t possible when I was working in a full time job. I’d hiked 500km in Turkey. Cycled around the South Island of New Zealand. Climbed mountains in Kashmir and spent a week at a meditation retreat in Thailand. Now I was back in Australia and on the verge of accepting a role as CEO of a successful Software Business. I was about to jump back into the rat race. Another 25 years hunched over a computer screen and sitting through endless meetings beckoned. I couldn’t do it. I politely declined the job and started writing the Below7 Business Plan that same day.

It turned out to be the right decision. During those 9 months I’d met independent backpackers from all over the world who were traveling with nothing but the bag on their back. They were some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. The freedom and change in perspective that lightweight travel allows proved to be addictive. I’d found a mission after my IT career. I was going to enable others to travel light and explore this wonderful planet we live on.

But, how was I to start a business to enable people explore our planet that itself is facing abrupt climate breakdown? Given that global corporations are culpable for so much environmental damage would starting a business just cause more harm? Is it possible to start a business that actually makes a positive net environmental impact? Could business actually be turned into a tool for fixing our planet? These are questions that I wanted to answer and which have inspired the Below7 Environmental Philosophy.

Kashmir, 2018

At 20 years old, and before he knew the results of his last uni exams, Adrian was on a plane to Hong Kong with a small backpack and a dream to see the world. Now he wants to help others travel, and make sure that there’s still a world for future generations to explore.

Russia, 2017

Jenny loves to travel off the beaten track and, depending on the time of year, could be found at home in China, in a hostel in Jaipur, a mosque in Isfahan or a coffee shop in Batumi.