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The heavy bag tax

That cheap fare on a budget airline may not be so cheap if you’re not flying Below7.

Paying for your bags

Some airlines charge for checked baggage. For flights out of Australia, this typically applies to the ‘budget’ airlines and for short/medium haul journeys to Asia or New Zealand. If you’re planning on traveling heavy on one of these airlines then the cheap price that you see on Skyscanner or Google Flights won’t be the price that you end up paying. The price you see will be some sort of ‘Starter’ or ‘Super Saver’ deal. In order to take checked baggage or even get some food onboard then you’ll have to pay extra.

For example, a $399 ticket from Melbourne to Bangkok on Jetstar requires an extra $90 in order to include a 20kg check-in bag, be served some food and access a few other benefits such as the ability to change the date of the flight. That’s $90 you could save by packing light and taking a bit of food with you on the plane. If you’re planning on doing a bit of flying around Asia or use budget carriers in Europe then you could end up savings hundreds of dollars over the course of your trip by simply travelling with less.

We’ve prepared a list below showing which international airlines out of Australia charge for checked baggage and how much the extra ends up costing. 

Airline checked baggage fees
Airline Carry-On Limit  Checked Limit Checked Baggage Fee
Air New Zealand 7kg 23kg $25
AirAsia 7kg 20kg $49
Cebu Pacific  7kg 20kg $55
Indonesia AirAsia 7kg 20kg $64
Jetstar Asia 7kg 20kg $90
Malindo Air 7kg 15kg $150
Scoot TigerAir 7kg 20kg $68
Virgin Australia 7kg 23kg $55 – $65