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Tread Light


Below7 creates specially designed, affordable and lightweight gear for conscious travellers setting off on an adventure.

Conscious of what?
1. Their environmental impact
2. Their budget
3. Their sense of freedom

You can sum us up to our simple, smart solutions. All under the 7kg cabin baggage allowance.

But that’s not all. Scratch the surface and you’ll find more.

We’re a community of like-minded travellers that have experienced the freedom of lighter, smarter travel without compromising on their environmental choices. And we want to share it with you.

We support the minimalist movement towards the ‘one-bag’ concept of travelling, and all the benefits that it brings. By serving up stories and solutions, we hope to help take the weight off your shoulders so you can take flight… and tread light (below 7kgs).

We’re also a business geared towards doing good.

Business as a force for good

As individuals, we need to consume less, spend more time on our bikes, stop eating meat, switch off the lights, live more sustainably. But it isn’t enough. Businesses and corporations are the biggest source of pollution & carbon emissions and while our system incentivizes profit ahead of the environment they’re unlikely to change fast enough. At Below7 we’re flipping those incentives around. We’re creating an environmentally ethical company that puts environmental outcomes ahead of profits.

Our Pledge


of all profits go to a charity of your choice

Environment first
50% of all profits will be paid out to partner environmental charities. For an environmentally ethical business to survive, it still needs to make money but what it uses its profits for is entirely at the discretion of its shareholders. We’ve decided to put the environment ahead of profits and will soon be announcing partner environmental charities that Below7 will be supporting.
A commitment to transparency
At the end of the year Below7 will report its profit and half will be spread among environmental charities that we support. Our dividend will be paid to the planet and all its inhabitants, not just to our shareholders.
Fixing the supply chain

We’re working with our suppliers to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint and improve the lives of the people who make our stuff. We live a globally connected world and Australia’s environmental & ethical responsibilities don’t stop at our coastline. When we buy stuff from overseas then we must hold those manufacturers to the same standards that we would in Australia. In our Meet the Makers journal series we will be telling the stories of the people that make Below7 products. We believe it’s our responsibility to connect the maker and buyer and share to both sides how a product is made and how it is used.

No Logo

We’ve made the conscious decision to produce our range without the Below7 logo printed on any products. Here’s why.

The world is already filled with enough ads, logos and brands screaming for our attention. Our customers choose to embark on their travels with the mindset of liberating themselves from the burden of material trappings by travelling light. They’re not just taking a break. They’re taking a break from consumerism too, in a sense.

That’s why we don’t expect you to advertise for us when you’re travelling with your Below7 gear. We don’t want to stick a label all over our products and force anyone to be reminded of consumerism every day. There’s enough of that already, everywhere you look.

We believe the quality of Below7 products speak for themselves.