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Lightweight Torch (200g)

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$40.00 inc GST


A high-powered, USB chargeable lightweight torch that comes with a headband so that you can use it hand-free.

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Packing a decent lightweight torch can seem a bit of a luxury, but hear us out!

If you’re roaming off the beaten track, staying in remote areas, camping or out at night in unfamiliar places, a torch can be an invaluable travel tool.

We’ve taken the best of a headlamp, handheld flashlight and the convenience of USB charge-ability to make a great lightweight torch for your carry-on.

  • The Below7 Torch comes with a headband so you can use it hands free – handy for reading after lights out in a hostel form, or finding your way to the bathroom without waking everyone up
  • 600 lumens are enough to beam up to 200 metres distance for you
  • It’s waterproof so it can handle any weather condition

Oh, and don’t worry about packing spare batteries. It charges with a USB-C cable.

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Additional information


200g (including the battery)


600 lumens, beam distance 200m

Charging Time

2-3 hours

Power Input


Waterproof Rating

IP66 (self-rated)

5 reviews for Lightweight Torch (200g)

  1. Mark Fulton

    This torch work really well, lightweight, uses USB type C and works with my phone charger! Means no bulky bateries, and no bulky charger!

  2. Gurvinder Sandhu

    Great product. It is USB chargeable and despite being so lightweight the build quality is top class. Comes with SoS signal mode as well. Must have for anyone looking to travel light and travel the paths less taken

  3. !Carebear!

    The torch is great but a bit bulky for my liking. It is re-chargeable by my phone charger which is super convenient. It can be attached to your headgear for a handsfree option when hiking at night or used as a tent light.

    My only concern is the materials used to produce these products? Are they ethically sourced and environmentally sustainanble? Do we get to choose the charities?

  4. Purnima Natarajan

    I think it’s a great product for the fact that it’s got a rechargeable battery via usb type c and not a proprietary mode. However what would have taken it to the next level would be to have a flexible neck to help contort and get to those hard to reach places.

  5. Ari

    This baby packs some punch! More than ample output considering its size and per other reviews, loving the USB-C charging. Means I only need to take the one charger when travelling for phone, laptop and now torch! I plan on doing some evening trail cycling on my next trip so look forward to giving the headband a go.

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