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Luggage Scale (130g)

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$30.00 inc GST

130 grams

The multifunction Below7 Luggage scale let’s you weigh your bags before check-in. It also power your phone while you travel with it’s 2500mAh Power Bank and even includes a flashlight.

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This nifty Luggage Scale does more than just weigh things before you head to the airport. We like to call it a triple threat:

  • Luggage Scale
  • 2,500mAh Power Bank
  • Torch

Stress free check-in. No excess baggage fees. Travel Below 7kgs straight out of the gates?! All possible scenarios with the Below7 Luggage Scale. Hook it up, check the weight, off you go.

Is your smartphone in need of an emergency charge? Plug it into the 2,500mAh Power Bank, and watch your battery float effortlessly back over 50%.

Need to locate your way back home from a beach party in Thailand, find a bathroom while hiking in Peru, or read a book after lights off in a dorm? Use the torch function. Hell, you can even weigh the book before you throw it in your hiking bag.

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Powerbank Capacity

2600 mAh

Max Weight


Charging Time

4-5 hours

Torch Brightness

60 lumens

Power Input

DC 5V/0.8A

Power Output

DC 5V/1A

3 reviews for Luggage Scale (130g)

  1. Luke

    I’ve need this product so many times and I’m really happy I now have it. Works well and takes the stress out of carry-on baggage.

  2. Kari

    What a great gift to receive… definitely beats awkwardly standing on my scales and lifting up my bag to try and work out roughly what it weighs (and then hoping I don’t buy too much on holidays and get charged excess baggage!). Very practical and easy to use!

  3. Doyle Cadwell

    Hi there. Thanks a lot! Really enjoyed reading this page.

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